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I find beauty in the small things. The freckled face, the missing front teeth, the natural smiles and laughs only family can create, the love that I can feel by just watching a man look at his bride, those tiny fingers & toes, sleepy yawns & newborn cries. All of which are pages in the story book that I am able to create through beautiful images and unforgettable experiences when I photograph.  I offer my clients different types collections so that they can choose what fits their lifestyle and budget.  Click pricing to see more info.



My portrait collections include couples, family, maternity, and child photography.  These collections start at $350 and include a minimum of 20 images in a gallery that will be available for digital download.

I offer my clients three distinct collections for newborns.  These sessions start at $450.  I offer studio, lifestyle, and on location outdoor sessions.  For more information on these collections, please email me and I'll get back with you within 24 hours.





So many changes come with growing up and certain experiences, along with a lot of mistakes, molded me into who I am today. A few of those have remained steady in this life of mine and other than my love for Jesus Christ, my family, and the beach, the biggest thing in my heart that has never changed is that urge to create.  
I'm Cayla. Believer, Wife & Mother.
This is Wild & Grace.


cayla is my name

I am a solo photographer.  That means you get my full attention.  I am devoted to my craft &  I love my clients to the moon.  Being able to connect with families and make new friends is an unexpected reward that I've found in photography.  I've spend hundreds of hours working with my clients and delivering to them their dream in photographs. 

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I'm constantly updating my blog for your viewing pleasure.  Click here to enjoy a feast for your eyes and soul.  For more information on collections and scheduling, scroll to the bottom of this page and shoot me an email.